Local Efforts

We are deeply rooted in, and engaged with, the communities we serve. Engrained in our culture is a commitment to giving back to the individuals, families, and businesses in our neighborhoods. You'll find our financial professionals leading financial literacy classes in community schools and volunteering to enhance the arts, education, economic development, and overall community enrichment in our footprint. We have a long history of community involvement, from both a contributory standpoint and a dedication to hands-on volunteer efforts.

Our local efforts include:

  • community reinvestment and development
  • financial literacy
  • volunteering in the community
  • supporting affordable housing
  • charitable contributions

We support the communities we serve and believe that when a community thrives, its people prosper.

Show Transcript

How do you build a community how do you grow business?

How do you support a family or make plans to secure your future?

What does it take to strengthen a community?

Founded in 1910 in the Ohio Valley region German American Bank has been raising the standards in banking, insurance, and wealth management for over a century. Dedicated to building and Strengthening our communities our employees strive to establish strong relationships by working closely with individuals and businesses providing strong financial solutions.

We are big enough to provide the conveniences of modern banking that's small enough to care about the people and communities we serve.

Together our financial team builds lasting client relationships based on integrity responsive service innovation and shared values. 

We want to help you grow your business, get your first new car, open savings for your children, invest for retirement.

We know that when more people have access to financial solutions the community itself grows stronger.

We create relationships and we create opportunity.

We invest in you because we believe that when a community thrives its people prosper.

We're lending more than money, we're lending a hand.

We're helping you build more than business we're helping you build your future and it's a century-old tradition

we are proud of and will continue for generations to come.

Next time you see the German American shield know that our team members are available to help you achieve your financial goals because we want to help grow your business, support your family, secure your future, and strengthen our community.


German American Bank… building our community together